Raising the bar on relationships, reputation, and returns in hospitality

ARK Holdings (based in Ocala, Florida) is the parent company for ARK Development (Raleigh) and ARK Hospitality (Dallas). ARK Holdings is the guardian of ARK’s vision to positively impact and mission to raise the bar on what relationships, reputation and returns mean for all our stakeholders - team members, owners, investors, brands, suppliers, lenders and communities.

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ARK's Focus


Relationships, first. Business, second.


Our reputation and yours. ARK’s leadership is well-known across brands and across the map.


The result? Optimal returns that benefit all stakeholders.

Brand Experience

ARK Development

Fueled by decades of experience, we are off and running to develop and acquire $800 to $1 billion in projects by 2030. Let’s build great things together.
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ARK Hospitality

Why get onboard with ARK Hospitality? Because we’re proving third-party management performance doesn’t have to come at the expense of profitability and culture.
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